Beatle Week 2012


Hocus Pocus is a magic expression that represents the Beatles magic, covered in the Brazilian band shows. Formed in 1984, Hocus Pocus has nothing less than 28 years of history, experience and unforgetable moments representing The Beatles work.

Coming for the International Beatle Week Festival for the 3th time, with 10 gigs booked from August 23th to August 28th, the band garantees a memorable set list. Troughout all these years they have been studying and can play around nearly all the songs ever recorded by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr together.

This commitment and inspiration made Hocus Pocus famous for playing full albums in especial occasions. They have already performed from the first to the last song the album Please Please Me, A Hard Day’s Night, Abbey Road, Revolver, Help and Let it Be. This last one, Let it Be, will be performed by the band in Liverpool, on August 27th on the Album Stage 2.

Many musicians have played in Hocus Pocus.

Nowadays the responsability to represent the most famous group ever known is up to Jô Andrade (drums), Walter Andrade (bass), Beto Arreguy (guitar e vocals), Vladimir Magalhães (guitar and vocals) and Sylvio Campos (keyboard and vocals). Always paying attention the original arrangements, the vocal harmonies and the tone of the musical instruments, Hocus Pocus gigs excite and delight the fans that like to hear The Beatles right as they sound on their recordings.

Apart from Beatle week, back in Brazil, the bland plays all over the country, mostly in their home town, Belo Horizonte. Playing every Sunday at Lord Pub, the band proposes a magical game to the public. During the gig, people can put musical requests in a magician top hat and the band pics some off them randomly to play live. Once you´re in Brazil, you can´t miss this traditional weekly event with Hocus Pocus.


Management / Gigs Contact: [email protected]